PLAIS Bulletin 24

PROTOCOL of the 3 rd Annual General Meeting
of the Polish Chapter of Association For Information Systems (PLAIS)
Following Art. 3 of the Bylaws of the Polish Chapter of Association for Information Systems, the 3rd General Annual Meeting was held at University of Gdańsk in Sopot on 26th September 2008, 5PM6PM.

Prof. Stanisław Wrycza, President, University of Gdańsk
Prof. Andrzej Kobyliński, Presidentelect,Warsaw School of Economics
Jarosław Olejniczak, Secretary, Warsaw School of Economics
Jacek Maślankowski, Treasurer, University of Gdańsk
Beata Czarnacka-Chrobot, member, Warsaw School of Economics
Anna Lenart, candidate, University of Gdańsk
Michał Kuciapski, member, University of Gdańsk
Bartosz Marcinkowski, member, University of Gdańsk
Piotr Mielcarek, candidate, University of Gdańsk

During the meeting:
The meeting was started at 5PM. Professor Stanisław Wrycza started with introducing potential candidates to PLAIS which were Dr. Anna Lenart and Piotr Mielcarek, MSc.
Professor Stanisław Wrycza made a summary review of activities in PLAIS during last year. Two conferences were organized in cooperation with PLAIS:
- The Second AIS SIGSAND, European Symposium on Systems Analysis and Design, June 5th 2007;
- BIR2008 The 7th International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research, September 25th - 26th, 2008.

Members of PLAIS discussed about current situation and problems with the lack of chapter members. Professor Stanisław Wrycza said that there were only thirteen members. Dr. Beata Czarnacka Chrobot said that she would encourage people from her department (Department of Business Informatics, Warsaw School of Economics).
Another ways of the chapter promotion were discussed. Professor Andrzej Kobyliński agreed that it is necessary to inform participants of Business Informatics Conferences about PLAIS.
A conference at Warsaw School of Economics will be probably the next event cooperated with PLAIS.

Done in Sopot on 22th October 2008.