PLAIS Bulletin 78

Dear Stanislaw,,

Thank you very much for your support. I have drafted an email (see below) to friends and colleagues to solicit their support. Please feel free to forward my email to PLAIS members.

Thanks in advance for your vote J



Dear friends and colleagues:

I am running for the position of AIS President Elect. My candidacy will be announced on April 15 and my name will appear on the ballot. The voting will start on April 15.

My platform (i.e., what I plan to do if elected as AIS President):
(i)       I want to enhance the future of the IS discipline. The IS brand and product need to be better known, understood and appreciated. I have worked (when I was AIS Vice President of Education), and will continue to work with IEEE and ACM to promote the computing field and enhance IS enrollment. To ensure a bright future for the IS discipline, we need to have a well-known IS brand that is recognized by potential students and their parents, and the employers;

(ii)       I want to make AIS more inclusive and comprehensive. AIS needs to provide values and services to all of its members. AIS is doing an excellent job recognizing research excellence and contributions of top researchers. AIS members who excel in teaching, services, and innovations bring values to the IS discipline and their contributions need to be recognized by AIS as well.

The attached document provides you with more information on my bio, my AIS experience (I was the AIS VP of Education from 2011-2014), and my platform.

I have benefited professionally from services offered by AIS and I look forward to having the opportunity to continue to contribute my service to the community.

I hope to have your support and your vote for my election. Please feel free to share my email and attachment with your friends and colleagues and encourage your IS colleagues and friends to vote for me.

Thank you!

Keng Siau
Chair, Department of Business and Information Technology
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Editor-in-chief, Journal of Database Management

Election Statement -- Keng Siau.docx