PLAIS Bulletin 80

Drodzy PLAISowicze,

Przesyłam kolejny, sympatyczny list Prof. Kenga Siau’a w jego kampanii wyborczej o stanowisko AIS President Elect.

Zachęcam Kol., którzy jeszcze nie głosowali o dokonanie wyboru – czas do 25 kwietnia,

Z pozdrowieniami,

S. Wrycza
PLAIS President

Dear friends and colleagues:

Hope all is well. I am currently running for the position of AIS President Elect.

My platform:
(i)       Enhance the future of the IS discipline. The IS brand and product need to be better known, understood and appreciated. I have worked (when I was AIS Vice President of Education), and will continue to work with IEEE, ACM, NCWIT and others to promote the computing field and enhance IS enrollment. By enlarging the computing pie together, everyone gets a bigger piece. To ensure a bright future for the IS discipline, we need to have a well-known IS brand that is recognized by potential students and their parents, and the employers;

(ii)       Make AIS more inclusive and comprehensive. AIS needs to provide values and services to all of its members. AIS is doing an excellent job recognizing research excellence and contributions of top researchers. AIS members who excel in teaching, services, and innovations bring values to the IS discipline and their contributions need to be recognized by AIS as well.

I hope to have your support. Please feel free to share my email and attachment with your friends and colleagues and encourage your IS colleagues and friends to vote for me.

The voting has started and you can vote at

The voting ends on April 25. Thank you.

Keng Siau
Department Chair
Department of Business and Information Technology
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Editor-in-chief, Journal of Database Management
AIS VP for Education (2011-2014)

Election Statement -- Keng Siau.docx