PLAIS Bulletin 85
Dear Foreign Member of PLAIS,


I would like to share with you - two very joyful information, regarding Polish Chapter of Association for Information Systems, you are the members.


Firstly, PLAIS has gained the title of the Outstanding Chapter 2014. Below please find the congratulations of AIS Vice President, Prof. Julie E. Kendall and the text of the competition jury conclusion.


The second reason for our satisfaction is the third place, gained by team of Business Informatics of University of Gdansk students  in the AIS Student Chapters Competition which was held at University of Alabama, USA. Our students were the only European team among the winners. The success of our team (I call them American Heroes ;-) has been widely reported in Polish media, portals, press and television. Below please find also the verdict of jury and congratulations of Prof. James L. Perrish, AIS Vice President. Gdansk students of Business Informatics have decided to establish AIS Student Chapter of Gdansk University.


At present there are 14 foreign members of PLAIS from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Philipines, Taiwan, Greece, Sweden and Germany – thank you very much for your participation.


Have a nice day,








From: Julie Kendall []

Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 10:56 PM


Cc: Amanda Bureau; Patrick Dockins

Subject: Congratulations on your AIS Award


Dear Stanislaw,

Congratulations! Your group is among the 21 AIS SIGs and Chapters to earn the designation of Outstanding SIG or Chapter for 2014. It is part of the inaugural group to receive this recognition.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your annual reports highlighting your groups’ accomplishments in 2014. The groups receiving the Outstanding SIG or Chapter recognition excelled in SIG/Chapter operations, member communications, educational and/or professional development events, and research publications.

Patrick Dockins, AIS Component Relations Manager, will follow up with more information about how you can share this news with your constituents. You can also expect to see an announcement to the AIS membership in the next issue of the AIS InSider e-newsletter.

I look forward to seeing your continued success in 2015!


Julie Kendall, PhD

AIS VP for SIGs, Chapters, and Colleges


Here is the complete list of Outstanding SIGS and Chapters


Group Type       Name of Group

SIG         Accounting Information Systems SIGASYS

               IT Project Management

               SIG Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technologies (SIGADIT)

                SIG Decision Support and Analytics






               SIGSVC (Services)

               Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction

Chapter               Australasian Association on Information Systems

               China Association for Information Systems

               IRIS The Scandinavian Chapter of the AIS


               Korean Chapter of Association for Information Systems

               Liechtenstein Chapter of the AIS

               Midwest AIS (MWAIS)

               PLAIS - Polish Chapter of Association for Information Systems

               Swiss Chapter of the AIS (CHAIS)

               Taiwan Association for Information Systems




Julie E. Kendall, Ph. D.                                        


School of Business-Camden                                   Phone: 1-856-225-6585

Rutgers University                                                           Fax: 1-856-424-6157

Camden, NJ 08102, USA                                          






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Subject: AIS Component Leader Newsletter

News for you, the AIS SIG, Chapter and College leader!

Association for Information Systems

AIS Component News & Updates


Visit Our Website


Component Award Logo

2014 Outstanding Components Awards

We are pleased to announce 21 SIGs and Chapters earned the designation of Outstanding SIG or Chapter for 2014. This is the inaugural group to receive this new recognition. 


The AIS Council created this new recognition program to celebrate the great work being done by our SIGs, Chapters, and Colleges. This program is designed to recognize groups that do an outstanding job of supporting the mission of AIS through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems. Some of the criteria included holding events, tracks, or workshops, publishing journals or articles, officer transitions, internal communications, and more.


“The hard work and dedication of all of the officers and members of the Outstanding SIGs and Chapters is truly impressive," said Julie Kendall, AIS VP for SIGs, Chapters, and Colleges. "They have achieved success because of their willingness to invest not only their intellectual capital but also their sweat equity into their group. Bravo!”.  


Please join us in congratulating these recipients by reaching out to the group leaders. Thank you to all of the groups that submitted their 2014 annual reports and applications. Keep up the great work!



    SIGASYS  (Accounting Information Systems) Dr. Carlos Ferran
    SIGITProjMgmt (IT Project Management ) Alanah Mitchell, Ph.D.
    SIGADIT (SIG Adoption & Diffusion of IT) Dr. J.J. Po-An seih
    SIG DSA (Decision Support and Analytics) Dr. Ozgur Turetken
    SIGeMedia (Electronic Media) Dr. Artur Lugmayr
    SIG-Health  (IT in Healthcare) Dr. Gondy Leroy
    SIGeBIZ (E-Business) Dr. Michael Shaw
    SIGGreen (Green IS)  Dr. Chadi Aoun
    SIGSAND (Systems Analysis and Design) Dr. Palash Bera
    SIGSVC (Services) Dr. Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen
    SIGHCI (Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction) Dr. Na Li



    Australasian Association on Information Systems Dr. Glenn Stewart
    China Association for Information Systems Dr. Guoqing Chen
    Scandinavian Chapter of the AIS (IRIS) Tuure Tuunanen
    Italy (ItAIS) Dr. Ferdinando Pennarola
    Korean Chapter of AIS Dr. Sang-Yong Tom Lee & Dr. Dan J. Kim
    Liechtenstein Chapter of the AIS Dr. Jan vom Brocke
    Midwest AIS (MWAIS) Dr. Gaurav Bansal
    Polish Chapter of AIS (PLAIS) Dr. Stanislaw Wrycza
    Swiss Chapter of the AIS (CHAIS) Dr. Robert Winter
    Taiwan AIS (TWAIS)  Dr. She-I Chang



SIG/Chapter/College (Components) Committee

  Did you know...

The purpose of the SIGs and Chaptes Committee is to advise the VP of SIGs\Chapters\Colleges with respect to strategic development of SIG ervices. The VP of SIGs\Chapters\Colleges determines the number of members of the Committee and their terms of membership. The VP shall recommend the members of the Committee to the Council for approval. The VP SIGs and Chapters has the right to remove members from the committee and shall serve as the chair of the SIGs\Chapters\Colleges Committee. Committee members include:

    Julie Kendall, Rutgers University, (VP of SIGs and Chapters)
    Geoff Dick, UNSW and North Georgia University
    Fiona Nah, Missouri University of Science and Technology
    Eileen Trauth, Pennsylvania State University
    Randy V. Bradley, University of Tennessee
    Merrill Warkentin, Mississippi State University
    Ramesh Sharda, Oklahoma State University
    Eldon Li, National Chengchi University
    Ken Kendall, Rutgers University
    Jan Kroeze, University of South Africa



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Subject: [AISWorld] New Student Chapters Website




Please take a moment to visit the new website for AIS Student Chapters!


In addition to its modern and clean new look, you can find out all kinds of great information about the AIS Student Chapters program including:


*         The 2015 Student Chapters Competition Winners


*         Highlights from the 2015 Student Chapters Leadership Conference


*         Resources for chapter officers and faculty members


*         Information on how to start an AIS Student Chapter at your school


*         ...and much more!!!


So, please stop by the new website and take a look.  As always, if you have any questions about the AIS Student Chapters or want to learn more about starting a Chapter at your institution, please contact either myself ( or Patrick Dockins ( and we will be happy to assist you!





James L. Parrish Jr., Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Information Systems - Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences President - South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) VP of Student Chapters - Association of Information Systems (AIS) Vice Chair - Partnership for Advancing Computing Education (PACE) Board Member - Southwest Decision Sciences Institute (SWDSI)


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